Scope of Services

Screening Detection
Diagnosis / Prognosis
& Treatment Selections
Routine Chemistry
Special Protiens
Trace Elements
Anatomic Pathology
Special Protiens
Tumor Markers
Routine Chemistry

1 - For Individuals, referred patients and walk-in patients:

  • Wellness and screening tests tailored to fit all age groups and genders diversity, to construct a healthier, more fulfilling life and give them the ability to plan ahead and make life-style changes that reflect positively on their health.
  • Ease of accessibility, timely and effective service.
  • Good communication with primary care provider for better serving.
  • Supporting home care services.
  • Awareness.
  • Friendly website for results reporting.

2 - For Physicians and Healthcare providers:

  • All labs in all countries utilize the same test codes, specimen requirements, instrumentation, reference ranges and operating procedures. One consistent web based lab Management Data (LDM) connecting all labs which enables physicians and healthcare providers to obtain the same quality of service regardless of the testing site. An electronic reporting of results with an easy to use access to web-based electronic test-ordering with bar code printing and results viewing system
  • The laboratory provides a wide range of testing covering conventional and esoteric tests.

3 - For Companies and insurance:

  • Wellness program. We provide biometric wellness screenings and unique services to empower measurable health improvement, improved productivity and lower healthcare costs for employees.
  • We offer a range of flexible offerings to health care institutions that help improve the quality of their laboratory services, expand the testing menu, reduce their turn-around time and reduce their overall running costs. Based on the specific needs and requirements of a client, Al Borg Medical Laboratories can provide a tailored out-sourcing model that best suits the needs a client.
  • Raising awareness to the profession is a matter of deep concern to us. That's why we provide educational programs to younger professionals entering the field and also to school students to explain the roles that the modern clinical laboratory plays in the healthcare field.
  • Consultations.
  • Calibration and Quality Assurance services.
  • Insurance Coordinating Office.

Supporting services

  • Al Borg medical laboratories has a fleet of vehicles to serve the needs of customers from hospitals, polyclinics and clinics to collect samples in accordance with international standards. These cars are linked to a network using GPS technology to ensure fast and accurate tracking for our shipments.
  • Dedicated call center.
  • Professional Customer Service Team.
  • Laboratory Sales Force Team.